Interview with Leah Duncan - Illustrator & Textile Designer.

Who are you?
I’m an illustrator and textile designer based in Austin, Texas.

What do you create? What are your tools and processes?
I create everything from fabric to art prints in my own collection and collaborate with companies to create goods for fashion and home. All of my work starts with a pen and paper and is then scanned into illustrator to color digitally.

What inspires you?
Nature, color, small moments.

Where is your studio?
I’m currently back in my home studio after a move back to Austin from Brooklyn. We carved out most of the downstairs to allow for plenty of workspace to draw, create, sew, print, and generally make a mess.

When are you the most productive?
Morning and night. I love mornings for catching up on email and handling more business related tasks. Evenings are best for drawing and doing creative work. I’ve found I’m better at making when inspired rather than on demand. It’s a struggle as a commercial artist, but something I’ve fortunately been able to balance.

Why textiles?
I love pattern so textiles are the most conventional way for me to translate my pattern work onto objects. I also love the way textiles can translate themselves in so many different ways and shape a space through color and texture.

How did you get your start?
I started as a graphic designer after college working for an advertising firm and then a screen printer. When we moved to Austin in 2008 I got my start by putting a few prints on Etsy. With a lot of hard work and determination things grew and I feel very lucky to make a living with my work and my passion.

Shop Leah's collection online and in store, or peruse more of Leah's beautiful work here.

Images courtesy of Sarah Natsumi Moore.
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