Interview with Yumiko Sekine of Fog Linen Work

Who are you?
My name is Yumiko Sekine and I am the owner / designer of Fog Linen Work 

What do you create? 
We produce linen clothing and products in Lithuania, for the home and for daily use. Lithuania is the country that produces flax and have a history for producing linen products and exporting them to European countries. Because of this, there are materials and sewing factories which have skills and experience. Through having our products made and finished in the same country  - from growing the flax to sewing the fabric into its product - we are able keep the price reasonable.

What inspires you?
Friends, daily life and travels.

Where is your studio?
I am based in Shimokitazawa in Tokyo, Japan. 

When are you the most productive?
Mornings and nights.

Why textiles?
I love the feel of linen. My mother used a lot of linen at our house, and I have loved the feel of linen fabric since I was little. Linen is the strongest natural fibre, it is durable and good for daily use. 

How did you get your start?
I originally didn’t intend to start my own business. I began to import used foreign books and wholesale them to the stores in Japan. From there, I expanded to house wares and linens, slowly and naturally. This has been my 22nd year of running my own business!  

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Image courtesy of Lydia and Emile for Fog Linen.

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