Plant Feature of the Month - Pilea Cadierei, a.k.a Aluminum Plant 

These metallic plants are native to Vietnam and China, and are know to be grown as ground cover. When provided with a little T.L.C. these guys can grow up to 12" in height and up to 8" wide. While they are easy to please, the root system is quite extensive and they have been known to bust through pots in search of more space. Be sure to keep some larger pots on hand just in case!

The Aluminum plant requires a minimum of 4 hours of bright, indirect sunlight to prevent sunburns on their shiny leaves. Here in North Vancouver, east-facing windows make a great home for them. 

For watering, in the summer the top layers of the soil should be kept evenly moist to keep them hydrated in the hot summer months. In the winter you may allow the top ¼ inch of soil to completely dry out between watering. 

No one likes cold drafts, so be sure to shelter your plant away from any drafts and within an area that is above 13 degrees celsius. The Pilea Cadierie is the perfect plant to create a tropical oasis in your home!

Our Aluminum plant featured here is potted in this lovely planter created by Vancouver based ceramic artist, Heather Dahl of Dahlhaus Art. View this planter.


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