Sunnyside Cove Rain Bath Salts

Like a rainy day in the Cove, Sunnyside Cove Rain will leave you feeling calm, rested and rejuvenated. Handmade in North Vancouver, our Cove Rain Bath Salts are infused with Bergamot Essential Oils and Lavender. Bergamot is known for its uplifting aromas and is good for anxiety, eczema/psoriasis, cold sores, sluggish digestion and stress relief.

Lavender brings a fresh, floral and woody undertone to Cove Rain. Rejuvenating and healing to the skin, Lavender can be helpful for eczema/psoriasis and acne, and is also helpful for colds, flus, coughs, and a good night's sleep when enjoyed before bed.

Shop the full Sunnyside range online.

Shop the full Sunnyside range online.

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