Succulent Care

Succulents are a great way to add colour, texture and life to any space. Beautiful on their own, or grouped in an array of pots, Succulents have become a popular house plant, that are relatively easy to keep alive.

Light and Temperature
Succulents are know to be extremely hardy plants. They enjoy dry air and relatively warm temperatures. Like most plants, Succulents enjoy bright light, but only a few varieties can tolerate direct midday sun. We recommend finding a home for your Succulent in a bright north or east-facing window.

Is your Succulent looking a little worse for wear?
To tell if your Succulent is receiving too much light, the leaves will turn a yellow / orange colour. These symptoms could also indicate diseases or over watering, so be cautious when diagnosing. If your Succulent is not getting enough light it may start leaning and elongating towards the sunlight and lose its colouring around the base of the leaves.

It is normal for plants to grow towards the light. By rotating the pot regularly the plant will grow in a straighter fashion. Succulents do need some natural light to survive.

How to water
During their growing season—from Spring to Autumn—Succulents require regular watering and fertilization, at least once a week when the top layer of the soil becomes dry. During each watering the plants should have a thorough soaking where the water runs through the drainage holes in the pot.

During their dormant season—late Autumn to early Spring—the frequency and amount of watering can be decreased. Allow the soil to become completely dry between watering. If your Succulent sits on a windowsill in a heated room during winter, they may require more regular watering.

Always keep an eye on the soil. If the soil has become too dry and has come away from the pot, fill a tray with an inch of water, sit your Succulent in the tray to allow the plant to draw water through its roots. Once moist remove from water and return it to its home.

We recommend using rainwater or purified water for watering as tap water can cause a build up of minerals in the soil, increasing the frequency of repotting.

There are always exceptions to the rules, as some Succulents are dormant in the summer and grow in winter. If you are unsure you can easily search for your species on the internet for specific care guidelines.  

Happy planting!

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