Interview with Jill and Heather of Provisions 12

Who are you?
Jill Yaworski, and Heather Smythe—chef, jam maker, mother, film caterer, friend of the grown-locally movement.

What do you create?
Our jams are made from pure, locally sourced fruit without added pectin or preservatives.

What are your tools and processes involved? 
Our jams are made from pure, locally sourced fruit with no pectin or preservatives added. We use only the highest quality products, including heritage fruits. To keep our products as high quality as possible we produce in small batches in French copper jam kettles. These kettles allow us to cook the jam at very high temperatures, evaporating the moisture as quickly as possible to preserve the fruit at its peak.

What is special about Provisions 12?
We like to look at the terroir of the fruit much the same as you would grapes for wine. By getting to know the soil the fruit comes from, and the growers, we are able to explore deeper into the nuances of the varieties of fruit and the role of climate and location on the crop. We have a high commitment to using only hyper-localized and seasonal heritage fruit, using no preservatives. 

Where are you based?
We are based in North Vancouver, BC., though both of us have roots in the Alberta prairies.

Where do you source your ingredients?
We source our ingredients as locally as possible. Our strawberries are from the Pemberton Valley, our stone fruit are sourced from the Okanagan, and our Tayberries are from Westham Island. We have a few favourite growers we like to work with but we also look forward to the Farmers' Markets each week to see what else might find its way into the kettle.

When are the ingredients sourced/grown/picked?
As with all cooking, we love to follow the seasons and let the availability of the ingredients guide us. The ingredients are seasonal—from June through to late fall. Growers will let us know when the fruit is at its best for preserving. 

Why jam?
Jill - The chemistry of jam, the seemingly simple mixture of fruit and sugar held together in a perfect balance is the ultimate goal. Jam is a reminder of summer past.

Heather - My Grandmother—her strawberry jam was perfection and I am constantly trying to emulate it.

How did you get your start?
Jill -
I have been in the food industry for the last 24 years.

Heather - I spent a couple summers preserving for a local restaurant and I started to really enjoy working with fruit. Having access to such great produce inspired me to use it in as many ways I could so I started drying, infusing, making cocktails and brandies but there is something about the chemistry of cooking jam that I got hooked on. Finding that perfect balance of brightness and acidity, whilst achieving the perfect texture has become a bit of an obsession.

What is your favourite way to use Provisions 12 jam?
Jill - My favourite way to use Provisions 12 jam is to spread it on a deliciously simple piece of bread with butter.

Heather -  I always think of jams as Toast Jam or Cheese Jam. The bright flavour of summer berries and stone fruits for me are best enjoyed on a scone or a warm slice of bread. The late summer and early fall flavours take me to a cheeseboard.

We do a lot of baking for our film crews and right now Jelly Doughnut Muffins are a big hit. That little burst of goodness in the centre gets them every time.


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