Meet Belmondo: a homegrown, Vancouver-made line (and one of our personal favourites) that has taken the skin care world by storm, being recognized internationally as one of the top natural and organic lines available in North America.

Belmondo is a nourishing and restorative organic olive oil based skin care line that owner Daniela Belmondo has created to make the daily rituals of self-care more enjoyable. We can tell you first hand: her products are beautifully made and feel incredible on your skin (we need to stop our staff from buying all of it before you get a chance to). Each product contains ingredients like their signature blend of olive oil infused with organic calendula, chamomile flower, lavender, and rosehip - carefully selected for their reputed potent healing and nurturing effects on the skin.

From mindful packaging, to fair trade organic ingredients, and zero tolerance for animal testing, Belmondo’s line reflects everything we love about local companies. Shop the range of Belmondo’s line of products here, or visit us in-store at the Sunnyside for a consultation or more information.

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