Introducing new Sunnyside teas

We're super excited to announce the arrival of five new organic teas created to compliment our Cove Rain, Top of Quarry Rock, Seymour, Granite Falls and Indian Arm collections.

Each tea is hand-blended just for us and we couldn't be more excited! Come by the shop and join us for a cup.


Organic Cove Rain Tea

This special white tea rose melange will leave you feeling awake, and with a sense of renewal. The fresh and floral notes of rose swirl together with the light, earthy taste of organic white tea leaves to create the perfect rainy day blend. It's also the prettiest tea we've ever seen.



 Organic Seymour Tea

Our new blend of ginger pu-erh has a sweet and earthy scent, and it reminds us of taking a deep breath of fresh forest air. Inspired by our densely wooded backyard, this Seymour tea is rich in minerals and nutrients. Packed with spicy tones of ginger, this tea is sure to ignite your sense of adventure!




Organic Top of Quarry Rock Tea

This tea was inspired by the energizing and uplifting feeling of looking down on the water, and out to the mountains after climbing to the highest point of quarry rock. Tangy and crisp, this lemon zinger tea is great iced, to quench your thirst after a hot summer hike. 




Organic Granite Falls Tea

Inspired by where the fresh, glacial water pours into the fjord at our front steps, this restorative blend of mint and sage tea will calm and soothe your senses, washing away the stresses of daily life. 




Organic Indian Arm 

Cleanse your mind and escape to sparkling waters and rugged mountains. With our Indian Arm blend of spiced herbal tea, you will be transported out of civilization and into the breathtaking wilderness in our front yard.


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