Turkish Towels

Last week, a box arrived at Sunnyside's doorstep - origin: Turkey. Now, it's safe to say that in general, towels are not particularly excitement inducing. But Turkish Towels... that's another story. We unpacked dozens of soft hues, from greys to greens, in linen blends, and pure cotton.

Why do we love Turkish Towels so much? Honestly, how could we not! Loomed in one of the world's finest textile regions, the Turkish Towel is thin and quick to dry, lightweight, and longer-lasting than a regular terry cloth towel. They're multifunctional: the perfect beach or bath towel, sarong, tablecloth, throw, scarf, and well, anything else you can think of! (We literally take them everywhere.)

Complete with hand-tied fringe, the towels are all pre-washed and pre-shrunk before they hit the shelves, and are ready for you to take home (or straight to the dock for your paddle in the Cove).

Available in store in 100% Turkish Cotton, and 50% Linen 50% Turkish Cotton. $40


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