Sunnyside is a Tea & Homegoods shop located in Deep Cove, BC.

Our shop was originally inspired by the idea of discovering an abandoned cottage somewhere in the dense woods along the sunny side of Indian Arm. We loved the idea of bringing it back to life, filling it with things we loved and inviting our friends for tea.

We would fill it with contemporary soaps, bath products and candles that are natural and locally made. We would bring in modern homegoods that are as beautiful as they are useful, all crafted by artisans we adore. We would fill the space with plants to breathe life into the space, and serve healthy organic teas and treats to make it vital and vibrant. We're proud of what we've created in our special corner of the world, and look forward to sharing it with you.

Enjoy the Sunnyside.

Local Ceramics  •  Linens • Organic Tea  • Handmade Soaps & Candles  •  Organic Skincare  •  Plants  •  Terrariums  •  Books & Magazines  •  Artisanal Chocolate & Treats