Maggie Boyd is a ceramic artist based in Vancouver, Canada, and we're pretty sure she always has a big smile on her face.

Maggie's start in ceramics came in her second year in Arts school, where she began working as a studio technician for Langara College along side her studies. Spending most of her waking hours tending to kilns, mixing glazes and clays, and doing odd jobs in the studio, Maggie was able to explore the art of ceramics daily. 

After completing her Arts degree, Maggie attended Nova Scotia School of Art & Design and graduated with a degree in Fine Arts. She creates pieces to be used in one's daily life - tumblers, plates, bowls and hanging plant holders.

"When I first was introduced to clay in art school my hands felt smart, if that makes any sense? And it's proven useful because to work with clay, one's timing and intuition have to be very tuned-in to maintain high standards of craftsmanship."

We caught up with Maggie for a full interview on her work.
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